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Communication is Key!

Communication is crucial when selling a home. It can make or break the sale of your home. This is why we have made a key component of our process, and this is what you can expect:

  • You can contact an agent 7 days a week through your preferred contact method.
  • Weekly activity report with how many showings, views on social media and open houses as well as an update on market conditions.
  • Direct feedback from other agents on all showings of your home.
  • Weekly review of our marketing strategy and adjustments, as needed.
  • If you find that you are not satisfied the service within the first 30 days, you have the option of canceling the contract.

Listing Your Home

When listing your home, it will be crucial for us to make your home stand out from the rest. You want people to see why you've called this home and why it is better than the one for sale down the street. That's how we can make a great team. The agents know the market and you know your home. Here are just a few ways The Real McCoy Group can assist in selling your home:

  • We know the local market and will provide you with helpful information that will make your property as marketable as possible, including the most recent sales in your area.
  • We will thoroughly inspect your home and outline all important features and upgrades, and make recommendations for repairs and improvements, when necessary, to sell your property for the highest price.
  • If needed, we provide a 2-hour consultation with our stager at no additional fee.
  • We help coordinate repairs and, when needed, are available for vendor access.

Within a week of signing the listing agreement, we order professional photography and a virtual tour. Our professional photographer will capture the beauty of your home ensuring that it stands out online. Our photography package consists of a 3D matterport tour, professional interior, and exterior pictures as well as drone photography when appropriate.

Once listed,

  • your home will be posted in the MLS, Zillow, and various consumer Real Estate websites.
  • A "Just Listed" email is sent out to our extensive Realtor and Brokerage database.
  • A "Just Listed" postcard is sent to the local area.
  • and we start a comprehensive social media campaign which will include Just Listed, Open Houses and many other posts that will highlight your home and/or neighborhood.

Open Houses

  • Traditional Open House. Our agents hold Open Houses to showcase your home. At your convenience, we will hold Open Houses. All Open Houses are advertised online through various social media platforms as well as through the MLS, Zillow, and other Real Estate pages. We have informational packets and mortgage lending information available for potential buyers.
  • Broker's Open House. When requested, we will hold at least one Broker's Open House at your home. Again, this will be at your convenience. Broker's Open Houses are a great way to reach out to local agencies and get helpful feedback on your home. It's also beneficial in that it can remind them of their own clients' needs potentially finding you a motivated buyer. We hand deliver invitations to agencies and send out an email to our extensive Realtor and Brokerage database. These Open Houses normally take place in the morning or at lunch and are catered from a local restaurant. Any feedback received will be given to you following the Open House.

Marketing Your Home

We have world-class marketing materials that will showcase your home looking its best! Here some of the ways we will market your home:

  • Through MLS, Zillow, and various consumer Real Estate websites.
  • A "For Sale" sign in your yard, if allowed.
  • Informational flyers which will be placed with the “For Sale” sign.
  • Marketing packets will be placed at your home for showings. This will feature information about your home, the area, the neighborhood, etc.
  • Your home will be featured on the main page of The Real McCoy Group website throughout the duration of the listing.
  • Through this website, you will also have a personalized web page with all the information, photos, and virtual tours of your home.
  • There will be an email campaign sent out to all the area realtors and brokerages.
  • A "Just Listed" postcard will be sent out to the local area.
  • Advertising will be posted in local papers.
  • Your home will be advertised through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets.
  • One of our main mortgage lenders will provide us with useful information to display at Open Houses and showings.