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Do's and Don'ts of Selling 

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Ready to sell your home? That’s great! There are many steps to take prior to listing your home such as contacting a realtor, cleaning, making fixes, and so on. To help you prepare before listing your home, follow these do’s and don’ts of selling. 

Do: Make small repairs

Making small quick repairs can be a great way to elevate the look of your home but also can be a huge selling point. It can be as simple as replacing the water heater or updating old outlets. These fixes are fast and effective steps to take when preparing your home. 

Don’t: Start a massive renovation

Big changes won’t always mean a sizable return.  Large renovations take more time and money than making subtle changes to enhance the best features of your home.

Do: Give the exterior some attention

The little details matter, especially for in-person showings. Buyers like to see that the home they are interested in is well-maintained. Power-wash the siding, clean the windows and clear out the gutters. A home that looks like it is taken care of is more likely to sell.

Don’t: Ignore the front yard 

Curb appeal is important! It’s the first thing the buyer sees either in person or in photos. Even if your home doesn’t have beautiful, sprawling landscaping, you can still make the front of the home look tidy. Clear out the walkways, sweep up any debris and remove cobwebs, replace light fixtures, paint the front door, or even plant a few flowers. 

 Do: Hire a professional photographer

The photographs of your home used for the listing can be one of the most crucial parts of the sale. According to Zillow, 77 percent of recent homebuyers reported that the quality of listing photos were extremely important, very, or somewhat important to their buying decisions. The investment is only a few hundred dollars but will help your home move off the market faster. 

Don’t: Keep the clutter

Before and after the photos are snapped, keep the home free and clear of clutter. If you are actively showing your home, clutter and mess can be a turn-off for the prospective buyer. Take the time and organize!

Do: Do a deep clean 

Clean the hard-to-reach places! Baseboards, molding, ceiling fans, window sills, and appliances are notorious for collecting dirt and dust. Tile can be another culprit. Pick up a tile or grout cleaner and scrub away the grime. 

Don’t: Set the price too high

Setting your home at a fair price encourages competitiveness within the housing market. Setting your price too high can deter prospective buyers from even giving the home a second glance. In most areas, homes are selling over the asking price which is even more incentive to price your home fairly. 

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