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Beachfront Buying 101

Beechfront Home

Living at the beach? Now, that’s a dream we can all get behind! There are several factors to consider when looking for the perfect oceanside property: Will this property be used for vacations? Will we seek tenants? Can we handle the long-term costs? Before you take the leap and invest in the perfect beach home, let’s take a deeper look into what you’ll need to contemplate beforehand. 

Vacation Getaway or Year-round living?

Vacation homes on the Atlantic Coast are a dime a dozen – and for good reason! The summer months are full of vibrant sunrises, relaxation, and spending time with family along the water. Some love it so much, they choose to live in their beach homes all year. 

How much time you will spend in the home will greatly influence the level of comfort you’ll need. This could include air conditioning, heat, overall square footage, or insulation. Living in a property year-round will require more room to move and climate controls. Certainly, those things may not be as important if you are only planning on spending short stints of time vacationing in the home. 

Do we want to rent out the property?

Beachfront property rentals can be an incredible source of income during the summer months when tourism is booming. If renting out the property is part of your plan, be sure to choose a desirable location to vactioners to maximize your earnings. 

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of renting out vacation properties from Zillow:


  • Rental income helps cover the costs of the property

  • If you rent out the property more than 14 days per year, you create a tax shelter that allows you to depreciate the property and get those deductions

  • Renting a vacation home you’re planning to sell can help during a hostile market


  • You are responsible for the guests on your property and their requests

  • Pro tip: Hire a cleaner after each stay 

  • Tax regulations can be a headache and pretty complicated

Long-term costs and risks 

Arguably the most important part of buying property is… the money! When you purchase a beach house, you’re not just purchasing a house. You’re investing in your peace of mind, family time, adventure, and overall building up assets. Any time you purchase a specific type of property, it comes with specialized costs. Not only do you need to plan for the mortgage, utilities, and taxes but also the right kind of insurance. Its no secret that the Atlantic Coast can see some nasty weather. You’ll want to make sure you purchase insurance that covers you for windstorms, flooding, and hurricanes. 

Even before the purchase of the property, be sure to hire an inspector who specifically examines coastal properties. They will look for signs of damage caused by salt, wind-driven water, and sand can cause. 

Now that you’re prepared with information to think about, contact The Real McCoy Group today to get started with your search for your dream beach home. 



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